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 Zilo Telavu (wip)

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PostSubject: Zilo Telavu (wip)   Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:46 pm


Name: Zilo Telavu

Race: Alchemist

Rank: Rookie (or aka a private)

Age: 17 and is 17


Status: Single

Personality:Zilo's personality is more of a older man then that of a teen. He is always serious when it comes to his work. He is always walking around
with his head in the books. He treats other the way they treat him. He
loves to fight to let off steam. But when he is in a good mood he will
not fight someone just because he wants to fight. He always protects his
squad and fellow captain. If it ever comes down to hit he will fight. He hates when people take his glasses off because that is what gives him the advantage he has been giving the nickname odin.


Element Affinity: Lighting.

Secondary Elements: Water
Signature Weapon:Sword.

Homunculi Abilities: (For homunculi, duh.)


History: He was born in a small village. He grew up with his dad that showed him how to fight with a sword. He was having a swell time learning form his father over the years that went by. At the age of 13 he was already defeating his father on one on one battles. Zilo soon discovered that he could use alchemy no later after he had been defeating his father. He learned to use Lighting alchemy. He mastered it his water alchemy like his mother was his second best. He trained every day in it.

Military:At the age of 16 zilo signed up for the military for the alchemist. He had heard of a legend known as the full metal. He was the strongest alchemist there had been. But he was planning on becoming stronger. He mastered lighting and the sword. He used the sword to generate lighting through it making it more effective. His first year took forever. All the training to get in and finally made it. Now all zilo had to do was decide what was he going to do now that he was in the Military.

Rp Sample:Zilo had told Sei and Icarus he would be on the top of mount fuji waiting for them. On his way to the top he was looking around for them and noticed something strange on the side of the mountains. He looked around for ledges that he could reach for to make it across. He looked down and saw that it was a long drop to the bottom. His toes where starting to get cold. He pulled out his sword and noticed that the sun was out in the Reflection of his sword and he Sighed Perfect this is just what i need is this snow getting mushy and slick.

He stuck his sword into the side of mountain. He started to chivvy across the edge. He could feel that one error and he would fall of the side of the mountain. He looked down for he had a fear of heights. The bottom was below him all he could see was the white snow stretching into a endless gap. He took a big gulp and continued to go across the ledge. He made it to the other side. the sun was shining on the other side of the mountain but not this side. That is why he had seen it as a black.

He sighed it was a waste of his time and effort. He started to climb back up the mountain. I hope those two don't make it before me. He felt the Ice under his foot he slipped. He grabbed a ledge and looked down. The snow seemed to continue to fall. He heard a slight cracking in the ledge that he was holding onto. He decided to stab his sword into the mountain again. He pulled back and tried to stab but hit ice. He was stuck there was no where he could go. He then started to pull himself up struggling.

He managed to pull himself up the mountains ledge. He looked around and saw that there was nothing there. He started to climb again this time reading the mountain sides and ledges. He pulled him self up all the way this time. He could see was the snow stretching up the mountain. He was closer to the top.The clouds started to block the sun. Great now i can deal with the melting snow turning into ice. He looked at his sword he had almost forgotten that it wasn't really a good one. He left this original sword at the lodge.

This sword was a little bit rusty and had a few crack and dents in it. When he noticed that it was a little rust and dented he saw his shoes where worn out from this climb. He wiped his face with his shirt that was a white color. When you looked at how he was dress and from away it would look as if he was part of the mountain. He started his climb once again. When he finally got to the top he laid on the ground with his arms and legs held out in a V shape. The snow was soft almost like a cushion but it was wet. He finally put his sword back in the sheath he had he looked around and sighed once again it seems he has gotten here before them. It was a good sign for him he could rest. He started to close his eyes slowly slipping into a endless dark void. He fell asleep peacefully and quietly. Now it was up to them to make it he was done.

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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: Zilo Telavu (wip)   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:28 pm

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Zilo Telavu (wip)
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