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 Alester Wright

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Alester Wright


Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-08-03
Age : 22

PostSubject: Alester Wright   Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:56 pm


Name: Alester Wright

Race: Alchemist

Rank: State Alchemist

Age: 17


Status: Single

Personality: Alester considers many things in every day life a drag, and just wishes that he could either sleep the whole day or do things that require little or no effort. But the things he has interest in don't seem so bad to him, and he'll either not complain at all or only complain a little. He enjoys his job as a state alchemist, and does everything he can to help the military. He'd prefer not to fight but if he will if he has to, but he'll usually defeat his enemy and do as little damage as possible. He enjoys meeting new people and loves making friends. He usually thinks every thing through, and won't do anything in a fight unless he has a plan or a general idea of what he's going to do, but if he doesn't have time to think he will act on instinct. He has lots of patience with everyone and will put up with whatever someone says to him, and not will simply ignore them and whatever he can to avoid a fight. When he's around people he will always be kind and will act a bit sarcastic, though he will never be mean and will stop if someone asks him to. The only thing that will truly make him angry is if he sees someone hurting someone else, and he will get even angrier if someone's hurting one of his friends. If Alester's friends are on the line he will do whatever he has to, even if it means killing someone.


Element Affinity: Metal

Secondary Elements: Earth, Lightning

Signature Weapon:

(He uses two claws that are made of a metal that highly conducts electricity.)

Homunculi Abilities: N/A


History: Alester was born into a family that was poor and was abandoned when he was only 7 years old. He wasn't angry at his parents for abonding him, but he wasn't happy he was living on the streets. He would sleep until noon everyday no matter how early he went to sleep and would prefer to stay asleep, because he thought getting up was a drag. Whenever he left his "home" he would either look around for food, which he'd have to sometimes steal or find something fun to do and maybe make some new friends. Soon he met some other kids who also lived on the street, but they were all younger than him so he took it upon himself to help them.

Alester would always come up with plans to get food and water for everyone to survive and they always worked. The kids all loved him and he was happy he could help them. Some of them would ask for him to stay with them at night but he said no just in case someone recognized them and they were arrested or punished for stealing. He would rather take all the blame then have it shared with everyone. After a few years all of the kids were adopted by kind people who wanted to help them. A few people had said they would adopt Alester but he always turned them down saying he would rather have the other kids get adopted before him. After a few weeks of being alone he met a man who said he would adopt him. Alester had made sure all the other kids had been adopted so he agreed and was taken to his new home.

The house was a regular size and not too fancy, but Alester liked it. The man told him his name, it was Matthew. He also explained to him that he was an alchemist that helped out the military a bit. Alester told Matthew his name, how old he was which was 10, and asked if he could teach him about alchemy. Matthew agreed but first he had to be educated about things that were taught in school. Alester thought having to learn so much was a huge drag but after a while he started complaining less and less about learning until he started to enjoy it. After about two years he learned all of the basic things, and Matthew had decided it was time for him to learn about alchemy. He was taught about all the basics of alchemy and what is forbidden, he was also taught to only use alchemy for good.

When Alester was 14 he had learned alot about alchemy and had used it on several occasions to help people in all sorts of ways. Matthew was proud of him and told him he was an impressive alchemist that would only become more skilled as time went by. Alester would always be walking the streets looking around for people who needed help, being kind to everyone he met. He would see his old friends from the streets often and would always amaze them with his alchemy. After some time some of his friends told him about some bullies that had been bothering them for a while and decided to help them. He met with the bullies and had asked them to please stop, but they only laughed at him and beat him up. Even though he was getting hit he did nothing because he didn't want to cause any trouble. After a bit they stopped beating him up and started going to his friends to hurt them. Alester stepped in front of them and told them to stop and go home, but all they did was laugh and walk around him. Alester fought them and after a while they were all beaten and covered with bruises and agreed to leave them alone and ran off. All of Alester's friends were happy that he helped them and Alester was happy to help.

When Alester was 16 he decided to try and become a state alchemist and help the military like his father did every now and then. His dad encouraged him to become a state alchemist but told him it was hard and to practice and train his alchemy for a while before taking the test. After almost a year of training Alester was 17 and his alchemy skills were quite impressive. He went to take the test and after completing all of the parts he was made a state alchemist. All his hard work had payed off and his father and all his friends congradulated him and were all very proud of him. Although he hadn't been an alchemist long he did everything he could to help the military unless it involved violence. He keeps on training and practicing his skills to become the one of the greatest alchemist's in the world.

Rp Sample: Zarenkan had graduated from the shinigami academy a few days ago and was now on patrol, bored out of his mind. He thought to himself "Man this is so boring, I can't believe they put me on patrol. This is such a waste of my time and abilities. I wish they would send me on a tougher mission so I can show them what i've got. While they're at it they should hurry up and assign me to a division. I hope I get assigned to the 5th division with captain Aizen. I still remember the time he saved me and the others from those giant hollows in the world of the living. I want to be just like him, strong, kind, and respected. I'm gonna get stronger and show everyone how great I am, I'm gonna become a captain so everyone will respect me and come to me if they need help." "But... until then I guess i'll just finish up my patrol and turn in for the night.

An hour and a half later when Zarenkan was about to finish his patrol he sensed a strange reiatsu and a mysterious person wearing dark black clothes appeared a few feet in front of him. He was about to say something when the stranger turned around and shunpo-ed away. Zarenkan thought he saw the stranger crack a quick smile at him before he left. Looks like things are going to get interesting he said with an excited tone, he shunpo-ed after the stranger so he could figure out what he wanted. He traveled for two or three hours until he found the stranger standing in a spot in the forest that had no trees and was nothing but dirt.

He then shouted at the stranger "Who are you and what are you doing out this late at night?" The stranger turned and faced him and said with a demented smile "Me? I'm no one special, the name's Mozeru, and I just wanted to go for a walk." Zarenkan didn't believe him, he also didn't trust him. He noticed a zanpakuto on the right side of Mozeru's hip, and saw blood on the hilt and scabbard. Zarenkan shouted "what division are you from and why is there blood on your zanpakuto?" Mozeru smiled again and said i'm not from any division, and the blood came from the guys who wouldn't let me pass into the seretei. Zarenkan was surprised at what he said. "You killed innocent men who were just doing there job?!" Mozeru replied "yes and it was pretty boring, they died so easily it was a waste of my time."

Zarenkan drew his zanpakuto and charged at him, filled with anger he was going to make this guy pay. Mozeru drew his zanpakuto and guarded against Zarenkan's strike and said "my my... your a quick one. What's wrong did I upset you? Zarenkan yelled at him "You monster... you killed innocent people for nothing! I'm going to make you pay for that!" Zarenkan jumped back and shouted "Rise Inochisoshiteoujou" his zanpakuto transformed to it's shikai and Zarenkan went back for round two. Mozeru laughed and charged back at him saying "Make me pay? that's a laugh i'll kill you. The swords clashed and Zarenkan started swinging his sword at Mozeru but he blocked every attack. Then Mozeru began attacking Zarenkan, he blocked every attack but was having a little trouble. Mozeru said with a wicked laugh "Time to die!" Just then there was a loud sound that sounded like a bell being rung. Mozeru jumped back and sheathed his sword, he said "damn... well that's all the time I have for you right now. I didn't catch your name." Zarenkan told him his name "My name is Zarenkan Kobayashi!" Mozeru said "well Zarenkan... see you later." He then shunpo-ed away. Zarenkan shouted "wait come back!" But he lost all trace of his reiatsu. "Damn it... I gotta report this to head captain Yamamoto." Zarenkan then sheathed his sword and left, hurrying as fast as he could to tell what happened. "That monster Mozeru... i'll get him one day, I swear it."

This is an RP sample from another site. Let me know if this is fine or if I have to make one with Alester in it.
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Alester Wright


Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-08-03
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Alester Wright   Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:20 pm

My app's been finished for a while and no one has checked it.

Can someone please let me know if it's fine or if there's something I have to fix?
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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: Alester Wright   Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:59 pm

Amazing, Approved my friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Alester Wright   

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Alester Wright
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