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 Teletha Tessa Testarossa

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Teletha Tessa Testarossa

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PostSubject: Teletha Tessa Testarossa   Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:26 pm


Name: Teletha Tessa Testarossa

Race: Alchemist

Rank: Fuhrer

Age: 18, 35

Looks: Tessa has grayish white hair which she keeps in a pony tail, Usually braided but not always. She also has brown eyes, she is average height for a female being 5' 4" tall. She spent many years staying in shape and has an athletically trim body. She weighs 105 pounds and considers herself to be average as far as her appearance goes.

She prefers wearing skirts and dresses but if necessary she will disguise herself and go amongst those under her to see how things really are for them. Despite her bust line which is fairly average, she can pass for a male by wrapping her chest up with a specially made piece of clothing. Due to her young appearance she is suspected of being an under aged boy when she is in disguise and trying to find out how things are for all male units. She also rarely speaks during these inspections, but can somewhat pass for a male as long as she doesn't have to say much.

Status: Single

Personality: Tessa is friendly and caring to those under her or that she cares about. She tries to carefully consider everything possible before making decisions. She can act like she is cold and calculating for awhile, she can't keep it up under heavy scrutiny for more than the length of a meeting. She prefers that no one be hurt or killed, but understands that such things aren't possible. She takes any job she does seriously and strives to do her best no mater what.


Element Affinity: Fire

Secondary Elements: Earth, Water and Wind

Signature Weapon: N/A



Rp Sample: Kuukaku heads out deep into the woods knowing that the upcoming training will be difficult and time consuming. The life of a Sanin was never meant to be easy though and Kuukaku knows it wouldn't be any fun if everything went easily. She finds the perfect spot near a lake and she pulls out a scroll. Looking it over she sighs, "Water clone jutsu should give me an edge one of these days, even someone like me needs an edge at times. I just wish I had the water element. Oh well I can always try to learn it and see how it goes." Kuukaku laughs considering the circumstances, although it could be worse. Kuukaku performs the hand signs for her favorite Kage level shadow clone jutsu and than proceeds to practice the water clone jutsu with all of her clones. None of them do very well the first few dozen times. Kuukaku practices all day long and slightly into the night before setting up a small camp. "I guess I'll pick this up after I wake up. This may take longer than I had anticipated, but it will be worth it."

Kuukaku goes to sleep feeling relatively safe in the woods. Her dreams are untroubled as woodland animals roam about during the night. The sun begins rising as it always does and Kuukaku wakes up to dawn had began 24 minutes ago. Looking forward to another day of training Kuukaku decides to have some breakfast, or as some of the students she had trained would say, what passes for breakfast. Kuukaku silently reminds herself to learn how to cook some day in the near future if possible. The food tastes only slightly lousy this time, which isn't much of an improvement. Dishes washed and put away, Kuukaku restarts her training. Performing the hand signs she makes the same amount of shadow clones as the day before knowing she has to rush this jutsu while mastering it properly at the same time. Her clones and herself make vast improvements on the jutsu but she knows it is going to take longer than the summoning jutsu did. Still she wouldn't change it even if she could. This one is a challenge and that is something that makes it fun.

Kuukaku continues practicing the water clone jutsu until it is time to have something to eat before going to bed. Yet another almost passable meal under the stars makes Kuukaku wish she could have ramen from Miku's favorite place to eat. Sighing Kuukaku wonders how Miku is doing at that moment. "I bet he's practicing the shadow clone jutsu I taught every day." Curling up to sleep Kuukaku ponders the possibilities for the next day. Sleep is uneventful although some of the small creatures sniff Kuukaku as she sleeps. Wkaing up near dawn Kuukaku makes breakfast and yet again wishes she had learned how to cook. Back to training Kuukaku performs the shadow clone jutsu and than begins on the water clone jutsu technique noticing another improvement, but still not as much as she would like but it is progress.

Kuukaku's progress continues well. She gets better at making the water clones, but has trouble making them look right. She also has trouble with making them do much of anything as well as lasting for any length of time past 2 minutes. "Man this isn't very easy. Still I am getting it down to an art. I won't give up on this, if I can get to where I can use this jutsu reliably than I can learn almost anything. Besides I need this to try working on mastering the water element. Maybe I should get some rest and pick this up after a few hours?" Kuukaku reclaims the shadow clones and feels rather confident about this jutsu. She sits up against a tree and closes her eyes promptly falling asleep.

Kuukaku wakes up and discovers it is almost an hour before dawn. "Damn I guess I practiced a little harder than I thought I had. Oh well it's not like much will happen out here. Still better safe than sorry, I should probably take it a little easier for a bit, just in case." Kuukaku prpeares her breakfast and finds it to be the usual almost edible level of cooking she has done in the past. When Kuukaku restarts her training for the water clone jutsu she finds that she can maintain the form for quite some time, although the looks have improved very little. She vows to keep at it and and make the clones look like her exactly before she will give up. She takes a 2 hour break every 6 hours giving her two training sessions a day now. She hopes that will be enough time to include sleep and food cooking amongst the training.

Kuukaku takes her first break for the day setting up everything for lunch and dinner knowing that she will need things to go smoothly or she will have to miss a meal again. Lunch preparation is easy, dinner preparation is a bit more complex as she has to make sure nothing gets the food items while she trains. With a decent lunch eaten, Kuukaku resumes training setting up a pair of extra shadow clones to watch the food items.

The practice goes as expected, each time she performs the jutsu it gets a little better. But every time she restarts from a break the improvement is much better over all. She knows in a few days, maybe even hours she will be ale to use this jutsu almost like an expert. But against an opponent with the water element she knows they will have the upper hand. Still things are progressing as she hoped they would. With this jutsu learned, and maybe a few more water jutsu's, she hopes to be able to start using nothing but water style jutsu's and master the water element. This she knows will not be an easy task at all, Even with her shadow clone jutsu, this is likely to take at least one year, if not six or seven realistically speaking. Not unless she starts using a minimum of one thousand clones and using water style jutsu's no more than maybe two or three times a day per shadow clone. Even than one to seven years may be over estimating herself and she knows it.

Kuukaku takes her second break and starts dinner cooking. She knows she needs at least one or two shadow clones to continue cooking and watching over the food when she returns to training. Kuukaku is happy that she has gotten most of this jutsu down, but she knows it isn't over yet. Going back to training Kuukaku makes the required shadow clones and begins. The water clones look much better now, and they last as long as she wants them to. Now it is time to have them fight each other and see how well they fare.

Kuukaku has the water clones start fighting each other seeing if she can keep them from being destroyed by each other easily. She also has they try to destroy each other while doing their best to defend as well. Her hand to hand combat not being the best makes things rather disappointing for her. The shadow clones do okay at attack, but are lousy at defense. She has the shadow clones join in so she can try to improve in hand to hand a bit. The tactic helps a bit, but she knows she has to improve by going up against others not her shadow clones. Improvement the likes of which she wants can only happen if she goes up against unpredictable opponents. She knows everything she is capable of which makes it less of a challenge. After the all but one shadow clone is left, Kuukaku absorbs it and decides to eat before going to sleep for the night. She knows the next training session is going to be difficult. She will use the water clone jutsu on her own to make as many water clones as possible and have them go at it to see how much her hand to hand may have improved.

Kuukaku goes to sleep knowing her task isn't over yet. Several small animals creep about Kuukaku's camp, some of them creep about on Kuukaku. She wakes up a little tired but ready for training. Breakfast consists of the usual barely passable food. Eating quickly to get back to training, Kuukaku prepares herself knowing this is a test to see how well things go. She puts all of her chakra into this test to see how many water clones she can make as well as how they do. She knows shadow clones just water clones don't hold up to damage well if at all. Performing the hand signs Kuukaku creates as many water clone as her chakra allows than has them fight each other. She watches as the water clones go at it until the last two take each other out. Kuukaku sighs "Unless I toss these out in large numbers, I'll be lucky if I can beat any other than a fool with this jutsu. Oh well, it's a useful jutsu anyway so I should be happy I have gotten as far as I have so far. Time for an early lunch I think, than maybe a quick nap."

Kuukaku prepares her lunch knowing it will be the same level of passable food. Once again she wishes she had learned how to cook while growing up. Looking back she sees she really was rather spoiled as a kid. Her mom always cooked for her, or had someone to cook for her. The teachers always praised her for grasping things a little faster than most did. Most of the boys bought her things once they knew she liked them. Kuukaku laughs "I am no longer the little girl who never considered anyone but herself. God I was awful when I was a kid. It's a wonder I made it this far, I wonder what the old gang would think assuming they haven't died yet." Kuukaku sighs while thinking about old times. She wonders if her brother has done anything in his life. She almost ruins her lunch but keeps the level of over cooking to a minimum.

Kuukaku eats her meal quietly vowing to remember not to space out while cooking. Sadly she remembers she has made that vow more than a dozen times at least. She goes back to training once lunch is done creating dozens of shadow clones to train with and a few to prepare the next meal for her next break. Kuukaku feels confident that she is getting much better at the water clone juts, but she knows everything takes time even with a Kage level shadow clone jutsu being used.
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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: Teletha Tessa Testarossa   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:59 pm

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Teletha Tessa Testarossa
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