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 Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;

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PostSubject: Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;   Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:04 pm


Name: Keitaro Nakamura

Race: Alchemist

Rank: private

Age: 20


Status: Single And if i may ask why dose this matter?

Personality:Keitaro is normally very quiet and keeps to himself, especially when training. Not one to get into arguments, he normally stands by and just listens to whatever is going on, ninety-nine percent of the time, he could care less what was going on around him. He always seems to be lost in thought, some think he goes through points of depression, or that he has a dark past he holds against himself and is unable to get over it.


Element Affinity: lightning

Secondary Elements: (Up to three of these are allowed. Alchemists, and Homunculi Only)

Signature Weapon:(This is any modern weapon wished for use, excluding highly explosive matters. Military members only.)

Homunculi Abilities: (For homunculi, duh.)


History: Keitaro was born into a poor family all though each of the males had went into the military but all had died at the rank of private. Keitaro was trained at a young age like he was in the army by his father before he died. Keitaro at four-teen had a toned body and was rather quick -when part of your traning is dodge bullets you get quick or get shot-. His father died when keitaro was 19 like all males before his father it was at the rank of private. When keitaro was 20 he enterd the military and started to train to reach the next rank.

Rp Sample:
Shadow was sitting in his office doing paperwork as he sighed as he put some more paper in the approved section he looked out the window the moon was out he smiled he loved looking at the moon it calmed him down when he was angry made him happy when he was sad as he looked back to the pile of work infront of him he sighed once more and saw something "Oh damn." he said as he saw the peace treaty between sun and moon was still here where the old paper for more war between them that the old kage had made was at "OH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I SENT THE WRONG PAPER TO SUN VILLAGE!" he yelled getting up and getting his kage rob's off ran out the door to the village gate to be stoped by the chuunin "I dont have time for this." he said knocking the chuunin out and running towards sun village the peace treaty in his pocket as he was stoped by a few bandit's he quicky knocked them all out and killed them as he again started to run again it hit night time the air was cold he stoped in a bar and got a drink to help him continue to run.
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PostSubject: Re: Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:00 am

Approved ^^
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Solomon Black
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PostSubject: Re: Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;   Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;   

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Keitaro Nakamura Done ^^;
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