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 Black and White: The Mercenary Chronicles

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Solomon Black
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PostSubject: Black and White: The Mercenary Chronicles    Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:51 pm

1~There Were Three

Solomon Black, James White, and Juan Tyrannus, are three students of the Temple. The Temple is a special school larger than a small city. The three have been students there for the majority of their lives; meditating and learning to fight.

Dust was all Solomon could see, and that was bad. He heard a whizzing noise and raised his spear to block the incoming sword. The crash was massive and pushed him back a few feet. “Your losing it Black!” Said the figure hidden by dust, and when it cleared a smiling James.

Solomon tensed his muscles and forced James’ sword up so he could jump away. He succeeded and jumped as far away as he could. Then pulled a knife from his belt and launched it toward his left. “I see you.”

There was a clang and a tall grey haired, young man emerged from the bushes, “Darn!” He pulled a mace up and pointed it at Black. The mace began emitting a thin smoke then suddenly burst into flame. He grabbed it with his other hand and charged toward Solomon. Though his path was interrupted by James and had to bash away his sword.

James smiled wildly as he brought the sword down on Juan, “I’m Here too dumbass!”

Though Juans flaming mace knocked it out of the way, They both got knocked over form Solomon spinning his spear and hitting them with the blunt end. James rolled back up instantly and began a heated fight with Solomon once again, then shortly joined by Juan in a three way free for all.

A old man standing in a balcony, watching them with the face of a concerned tutor. “I hope they are ready...” He sighed then walked back into the building.


"I cant wait, to be the first in the Temple to enter the Void!" White half-screamed, from his spot that he lay in his bed.

"Other than the Teacher of course," Solomon spoke from his bed across the room, " Teacher goes at least once a month, how else do you think he gets all those scars! Nothing but Nulls could do that." He began to fiddle with a kunai.

The Teacher is the owner, founder and the leader of the Temple; not to mention the most powerful man in all of Cremorr. No man has ever been able to defeat or even harm him in the last couple of centuries. He is the most powerful man currently in this universe, rivalled by none.

Now across the room from both of them, is another bed, and from which under the covers came the voice of the final of the prodigal three. " BAH. The old man is out dated, even the almighty Teacher loses it with age!" He chuckled. " Even if it does take a couple hundred years!" They all burst into laughter. James even laughed so hard he fell of his bed. There was momentary silence, but then they just laughed harder.

When they were all done, Solomon sighed." But ya, one week until we finish our training." With that, they all went to sleep dreaming of the next week.


The next week the three were gathered in a huge stone room with nothing in it but a door at each end. All of them knew where the door led to, so they didn't go in. The portal room, the room containing their last step in training. The portal to the Null Void, source of their power and all in the universe. Between them and their dream, stood an old scarred man: the Teacher. When he spoke, it was a voice that all heard; that all listened.

" I have gathered you three here for no unknown reason, you will soon step into the Null Void to begin," putting emphases on begin, " your training." The shock on their faces surprised even him. " What is wrong, you, in awe like a teenage child, yet you are a grown man?"

"Begin!?" The confused awe in Juan’s face turned to anger. "Old man I thought you said this was our final stage in training?" Solomon and James agreed with Juan though they were less troubled, and therefore reacted more calmly.

The Teacher chuckled " It is Juan, but it is a long training period, one of several years." He smiled at the young men, knowing of their naivety of the universe; that you can learn so little in years. "Come now, no more squabbling, we all know how much you want to go, so let us with great haste! He strode toward the door, opened it, slipped in and half closed it behind him.

"You guys ready?" asked White after a couple moments of silence.

After a couple more, " FUCK YA." yelled Tyrannus, bolting for the door, White not far behind him. Black held back for a second as if unsure and fingered a necklace of a silver rose. He then whispered something barely audible.


He then shook it off and stepped through the doorway into the darkness.
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Black and White: The Mercenary Chronicles
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