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 James Andrew (Jim)

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PostSubject: James Andrew (Jim)   Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:06 am


Name: James (Jim) Andrew

Race: Alchemist

Rank: State Alchemist, name: Iron Sword Alchemist

Age: He looks to be 23, but his real age is 31

Looks:Jim is about six inches over six feet tall. He doesn't look strong, but that isn't the truth. He uses a Falchion with great speed and skill, gained from many years of training with his father. He wears a brown trench coat with a hat with a large brim. He normaly wears a brown shirt and brown paints. He keeps his Falchion in a belt at his waist till he needs it.

He had long red hair and green eyes. His body build is normal from the looks of it. His cloths hide the strong arms and mighty look that he would other wise have. He rarely takes is cloths off for anyone. His body has many scars runing up and down it from the training he was under from his father.

Status: Single

He sees that the law just can't make true justice. He is sometimes willing to go agenst the law to make things right. That being said, he also knows that something that is right for one person isn't always right for everyone as a whole. He can be trusted and he is a good friend to have. When angre he uses his fist to knock holes in walls and floors to vent it. Better it be that then someones face.

In battle he is cold hearted. Takeing a life is something he knows all to well, and he knows how to do it well. There are times he will not, but that is rare.


Element Affinity: Earth

Secondary Elements: Nature, Fire

Signature Weapon: Falchion with alchemy circles on it. That is the normal item he uses for his alchemy. He stabes the ground, or just touches it with the tip of his sword.


Born in the mountains, Jim lived a life of the wild. His dad, once a member of the army, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a strong man, and protect others. He spent most of his life in the mountains learning from his father many things like how to fight, how to train, how to hunt, how to live in the wild, and alchemy. His father instilled into him that a strong body made a strong mind, a strong mind made a strong spirit, and a strong spirit made an unstopable warrior. Once he reached the age of 18, his father told him to go and find him a place in the world. Useing the skills and spirit his father taught him, he went from place to place, doing what he could for the people that lived there. 2 years passed, and he still didn't find his place. He returned to the mountain to tell his father that he couldn't find it. When he spoke to his father, he said that the one thing he did was he tried his best to improve other's life. Makeing there lives better was a great joy to him. His father was happy that his son found this, saying his place in life was to protect others. The best way to do that would be in the military. Jim agreed and left to join. His father told him to first train his alchemy skills, and then take the state alchemist test. Alchemy was an intresting pass time for Jim, but he didn't think it to be an important skill. It took him 5 years before his skills were at a level he felt would due for the test. He left for the city to take the test. Once he got there he learned that it would be another 6 months before they would have another test. Durning that time he got a job, earned some money, and studied up on alchemy at the library. The 6 months passed and he took the test. He passed the writen part of the test with no problem, and the second part. The third part he displayed his combat skills, combined with alchemy attacks. This gave him something of an edge over the others, as he didn't need training to use alchemy in battle. He pasted and was given the name The Iron Sword Alchemist, and his pocket watch. He has been a State Alchemist from that point on, a dog of the military trying to help others in the world.

Rp Sample:[/b]
It was impossible to stay warm. The snow on the ground and in the air only hinted to how cold it was out side. It was the middle of winter and the military needed to have something investigated. The thing is this had to do with alchemy. It was said that a cave out here had many elements that normaly wasn't pure in nature. This made the higher ups want to know what was out there, and this man in brown was the closest State Alchemist in the area. They must be trying to kill me. Sending me up here in this weather. He had wanted to wait till the next day, but he was told to go at the moment he got the orders. He arived at the cave. He took a quick look around and saw that it was nothing more then a rumor. Nothing up here for Alchemists. He did notice that there was gold in the cave, so the higher ups won't be too made when he informs them of the cave. As he started to leave he saw at the mouth of the cave a white wolf. It growled at him and made it look like it was about to strike. It jumped at him. A loud smake hit the ground. Jim looked down at the now dead wolf. "Sorry, but I can't let you eat me." He put away the Falchion he just used on the wolf and started off, leaveing some of his jerky for the wolf when it wakes up from being knocked out.
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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: James Andrew (Jim)   Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:44 am

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James Andrew (Jim)
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