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 Ichigo Ryu

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PostSubject: Ichigo Ryu   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:25 pm


Name: Ichigo Nami Ryu (Strawberry Wave Dragon)

Race: Alchemist

Rank: Seargent

Age: She looks and is 19.

When she's on duty, she'll wear the military's required uniform. When she's off duty though, she'll wear a simple white halter sun dress and a pair of dark blue sandles. You can usually find a white head band in her hair, usually hidden by her red hair. Basically she dresses like an american flag. She also wears one white glove when she is fighting like Colonel Mustang's, stealing his idea.

Status: Single

Personality: Stubborn, Sarcastic, Hard-headed, Often Maternal, Nature loving, Hyper(when given sugar and caffiene), Straight Forward(to people she knows), Gentle, Kind, Generally Happy, and a little Short Tempered.


Element Affinity: Fire

Secondary Elements: Lightning
Signature Weapon: Usually a couple of uzi and some knives.


History: When Ichigo was a kid, she was a pyro. Kid as in, 7 to 12 years old. She enjoyed playing with matches and campfires, but what really pleased her was her father's alchemy. He could make a fire in no time if he wanted to. Her interest in fire led her to get into alchemy as her father had been. When she was around 14, her father was out working as he usually did (he was also in the military) , when Ichigo was practicing alchemy. Usually, her father came home around ten o' clock exactly, being one of those people who are never late for anything. That night though, he was late and it was around 1 in the morning, around the time Ichigo would wake up and find him in his bed (she had an early bed time for her age, nine o' clock to be exact) but since he hadn't come home, she hadn't gone to bed. Her mother, a regular civilian sent her to bed at that time, making sure she was asleep before leaving and going to her own room to sleep. The next day, around noon, a sharp rap on the door was heard. Ichigo answered swiftly, grinning up at Mustang (this was when he had first joined) and hugged him tightly. He was a friend of the family and the only adult that actually paid her any attention. As he usually would, he hugged her back but with less effort to squeeze her too tight. She backed up, invited him inside, and waited as her mother came to join them. Mustang's grim expression automatically made her mother burst out in tears and race back to her room. Ichigo, concerned, turned her attention on Mustang and asked him what was wrong with her mother and, in turn, received her reply. Her father was dead and that was that. When he left, he paused but said nothing, and walked out the door.
Almost a year later, right after she'd turned fifteen, Ichigo's mother hung herself from the ceiling of their house. Ichigo had been practicing alchemy fiercly, determined to stop anyone who tried to ruin another family. After her mother's death, she went to live with Mustang, letting him teach her everything he knew at that time. She was seventeen when she joined the military, lying about her age, the only person knowing the truth was Mustang. For the past two to three years, she's flown through the ranks, driven only by her anger towards evil bastards.

Rp Sample: I've already told Sarah and the others on her Naruto site this but I rp according to how others rp. So I'll give you two samples.

Short Reply:
I yawned quietly as the boy walked into through the shop door, brushing the hair away from my bright green eyes to get a better view of his shirtless body.

Long Reply:
I waited impatiently as I watched the boy shut the car door and slowly make his way towards the shop entrance. Was I usually this anxious for customers to come in? No, usually they were old guys who liked to pretend they had a chance with me. But this guy? Did he have a chance? Oh hell yes! He had the tan skin of a Californian, odd for a place like this sure, but it didn't change the fact that this guy was walking through the rain without his shirt on. His six pack glistened as the rain droplets reflected the dim fluorescent lights on them, drawing even more attention to them. But his abs weren't the only perfect thing on him: He had deep, dark brown eyes that looked like they were piercing right through to my soul and his cheekbones were high, his lips full, and I'm sure if he spoke, he would have that deep sexy voice most guys would love to have. When he smiled, his teeth gleamed white. And I don't mean like that dull white people get from cleaning their teeth, I mean they were WHITE! They gleamed, looked as white as snow too, perfect straight white teeth to go with his Californian tan and those gorgeous eyes.
The beating of my heart in my throat notified me that I had stopped breathing for too long because of this B-E-A-utiful guy. I felt around under the counter for my inhaler and wrapped my hand around it as a precaution since that would probably happen alot now that he had finally made his way up to the counter.
"Hi, my name's Casey, we're going hiking up here and we need a guide," He said, flipping his dark blonde hair out of his face. My smile that had been on my face since I'd seen him faltered when I heard his voice. Okay, so I was a VERY picky person when it came to guys. I prefered brown eyed, well-muscled, sexy deep voiced, indian guys. If they weren't indian, okay, I could live with it. But... no deep voice? For a buff guy like that? Yikes! No, I'm NOT overexagerating. This guy's voice sounded like the kind of voice you get from breathing in helium out of balloons. Literaly.
"Oh, um, I'm your girl." I grinned, "I'm the only one on shift though, the others were supposed to come back from lunch three hours ago. They only went a little ways up the ridge."
"That sucks," The guy grimaced in his oh-so-uncool voice. "My buddies and I are trying to get all the way to the top to see if we can watch the sunset."
"How many people do you have with you exactly?" I frowned, glancing over at the mini-van he had gotten out of. Huh... when had it been a mini-van again?
"My girlfriend and my best friend. His name is Jackson." He grinned, "You're going to LOVE him, girl. He is the most romantic dude I've ever been near. It kind of makes me sick."
"Um, alright, well, I guess I could go with then."
" 'At'ta, girl," Casey laughed his too high laugh.

Enjoy!! Very Happy
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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo Ryu   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:58 pm

Approved <3.
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Ichigo Ryu
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