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 Yuki Koori

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PostSubject: Yuki Koori   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:11 am


Name: Yuki Koori

Race: Alchemist

Rank: State Alchemist (equivalent to a major) ‘The Ice Alchemist’

Age: 18 (is 18 lol)


Yuki has very light, pale skin that is accentuated by her dark chocolate brown hair, which is slightly curly and reaches down to just past her shoulders. She likes to wear her hair in two low, messy plaits that rest over her shoulders, and she has a straightened fringe that cuts diagonally - from the right to the left - across her face, but not so much so that it covers her eyes. Her eye colour is an extremely dark brown that at times can almost appear black, and they are framed by thick eyelashes. Her face is slightly angular, but it is also described as being quite beautiful and attractive. Yuki is shorter than average for her age, only being around 5 foot, but her weight is proportional to that being at around 48kg. She is very slender with long legs and curves, but she isn't extremely curvy. Her muscles are very firm, but they aren't clearly defined which makes her seem delicate and fragile, especially with her shorter stature.

Yuki wears black leggings that go down to just past her knees and a mini dress that comes down to mid-thigh and sits off the shoulder, with long, wide sleeves that reach to just around her elbows. The dress is loose and easy to move around in and doesn’t constrict her movements at all. She also wears a white, tight fitting tank top underneath the dress. The dress itself is a light blue material that seems to shimmer like water or frozen ice as she moves, and not looking like a single solid colour. Around her torso is a wide belt reminiscent of an obi, and deep purple in colour, where she stores her spare kunai knives; she can use these to perform long-range alchemy, or as a makeshift close=combat weapon.

Under the sleeves of her dress on her upper arms, Yuki has two ornate, sharp daggers with blue hilts. Yuki wears pale blue, almost translucent in colour, fingerless gloves on each hand with the symbol for ice alchemy on the palms. The gloves are much colder than body temperature, which allows her to perform her ice alchemy. The gloves are made of a special material made by Hui – who really was a genius (see history) – which allowed them to stay at such a low temperature, while still having lining on the inside so that her hands don’t freeze. She keeps multiple spare gloves in her obi in case she damages the pair that she’s wearing.

Status: Single

Likes: Yuki likes to think whenever possible, preferably in a quiet, private area where she will be undisturbed by anything. She also enjoys gaining more knowledge to further her intellect, and so reads often books and texts from all genres and eras to gain a wide understanding of all literary texts, and of all things to do with the world. Another she loves is the cold and the snow, much preferring the colder weather to the hotter and her reasoning behind this is ‘there are a million and one ways to get rid of the cold, but there are no convenient ways of getting rid of the heat’. She absolutely loves coffee – the ‘drink of the gods’ as she calls it.

Dislikes: She hates people who feel they have the right to hurt another person, whether that be emotionally or physically, because she knows how much it hurts and how much it can scar.

Yuki is a very reserved and introverted person who would much rather spend time by herself rather than be in the company of other people. She isn't shy and has very strong opinions; she just isn't very good at talking and communicating with other people. When forced into a social situation she tends to just listen and fade into the background.

Her attitude is very cool and can even be downright cold sometimes. She also almost never loses her temper, preferring to ignore people who try to make her angry or upset. She never loses her ‘cool’, as some people call it, and she can also come off as very uncaring to those around her. She tries to not get involved in things that she deems ‘immature’ so that people won’t think any less of her, but in reality all that has done is make people think of her as a stuck-up snob who thinks she’s too good for them.

Trust issues
Yuki finds it extremely hard to trust others, though others find it easy to trust her because she never tells a secret or involve herself in 'immature gossiping', and she never says unnecessary information. This makes her perfect at keeping secrets. Because of her trust issues she tends to try and push people away who may be getting too close to her emotionally, and she has built herself a mask to hide away all her feelings and emotions so that she can’t get hurt by them, and so that others don’t think that she’s weak if they’re shown. Her face and body language are always unreadable to others because of the lack of emotion, and this makes her closed off to those around her which serves to isolate and alienate her. She is extremely intelligent and calculating, and she always makes rational decisions based off logic and facts rather than emotion. She has a lot of integrity and a deep sense of justice which stems from her strong ethical and moralistic views, but she isn't blinded by the need to sentence people, because she is also fair and listens to all sides of an argument/disagreement/situation before coming to a conclusion.

She is also a dedicated, hardworking person, making up for her lack of social life by working. She always gives her all to any job, no matter how small and she has great respect for people in a higher position than her that has shown themselves to be respectable. However, she is also extremely ambitious and is always aiming for the top, and if something isn't done perfectly to her satisfaction than she will be very displeased with it. Unfortunately her standards are ridiculously high, meaning that it would be impossible for any normal person to be able to reach them. Because of this she sees herself as a failure and she always gives herself a hard time with lots of negative self talk. She always aims to try and improve herself and to be better and stronger than what she currently is at the moment, always pushing her body past its limitations to attempt to become stronger rather than be the weak person she perceives herself to be. She is extremely intelligent – much more so than average – and her mind is quite scientific, not believing anything without cold, hard facts.

Hidden self
Under the layer of coldness that she has built around herself, Yuki is just a very vulnerable and lonely person who wants to find the place that she can belong to and just be herself without the charade of strength. Her emotional state of mind is very fragile from the continued abuse from those around her and also from herself, but nobody is able to see that, instead seeing the strong persona she portrays. Her heart is like a piece of ice in the respect that if it gets hurt it will shatter into a million pieces, so to prevent that from happening she never lets anyone into her heart. She hopes that one day she will meet someone who will be able to banish all her doubts, fears and self-esteem issues, and who she’ll be able to share all her feelings and emotions with. However she knows that such a person doesn’t exist – or will ever exist – and even if they do there would be no way that she would let them close enough for them to become that person, lest her already fragile heart gets heart.


Element Affinity: Ice

Secondary Elements: Water, snow

Signature Weapon:Yuki’s Signature weapon is the two daggers that she carries on her arms. However, she is also very proficient in hand-to-hand combat, usually preferring to use that alongside her alchemy rather than her daggers.

Homunculi Abilities: N/A



Yuki was born in the country Xing to the east of Amestris. However, her mother died in childbirth and her father – having wanted a boy and not a girl – disowned her onto the street when she was five years old. After wandering around and learning how to look after herself in the world Yuki was picked up by a man when she was 10 who said that the streets were no place for a young girl, and took her into his home. It wasn’t very fancy but it was good enough to live in.

The man’s name turned out to be Zhang Hui, with Hui meaning smart and wise. As Yuki soon found out, his name fitted him extremely well; he studied the form of alchemy in Xing – Alkahestry – and wanting to learn it, he became Yuki’s teacher, teaching her everything he knew. He started with the techniques of healing and how to sense chii, which she was very good at. However, Yuki was a very curious and inquisitive person, so when she was 13 and heard some travellers talking about the alchemy in their home country – Amestris – she knew that she had to learn it. She studied for ages, trying to find as much about alchemy as she could, though the books in Xing were very uninformative and unhelpful.

It frustrated her to no end, but her teacher told her that she should just give up on the fool’s guest, and why could she not be satisfied with alkahestry? To this she had no answer – it was just a deep longing inside her, a yearning that she couldn’t describe. However, she saw how much it upset her sensei so she quit her searching and continued to study under him. A few days after her 15th birthday, her and her teacher were out in the little grove that they normally trained in each day, when a group of foreign thugs came around. Not being overly bright, they picked a fight with Yuki and Hui even though they stood no chance.

Yuki watched as her master fought them with his alkahestry, and she too tried to join in though she was told to stay back – so she did. Hui was clearly winning – any idiot could see it – but he refused to kill them because it went against what he believed in. However, it turned out the thugs had no concept of his beliefs, because when it became clear that they were definitely going to lose, one of the men took out a strange device that Yuki had never seen before in her life. She was entranced by how shiny it was, but she also got the definite sense of hidden power behind it, even though it was so small.

It was almost as though everything was in slow motion as Hui knocked back one of the aggressors at the same time as the man moved his finger back on the device. With a loud ‘bang’ that had Yuki covering her ears and looking away, something shot out from the end straight at Hui, hitting him straight in the chest. Yuki saw him, red blood blossoming on his shirt. She didn’t know what the device was, just that it had hurt her teacher – the only person in the whole world that had ever cared for her. Without thinking, Yuki used her alkahestry against them in a violent way, literally ripping them limb from limb, until they lay on the ground very much dead.

Running over to Hui she saw that his eyes were closed, for which she was thankful because she didn’t wanthim to have watched what she did to those men. Silently she cried as she held his body as he died, without opening his eyes to look at her. “I’m sorry.” The words she whispered were faint, and almost inaudible to her own ears, but she felt as though he heard them, for which she felt mildly better about. After burying her teacher in a neat grave Yuki knew that Xing held nothing more for her except bad memories, and so she cut all ties and headed for Amestris, the land of promises, where she could finally learn about the intriguing and interesting foreign alchemy.

She travelled by foot across the desert, slowly dying in the intense heat, but pushing on until she reached the borders of Amestris. When in Amestris, she fell back onto her street ways of fending for herself, and she learnt about the arts of alchemy, though she still relied heavily on her alkahestry to fight, if not just for the fact that she found it much easier to interpret chii than to have nothing to go off. After a year Yuki found that she was quite good at the new form of alchemy that she learnt, finding that it was especially good for destructive alchemy. With the murders of the thugs still very much foremost in her mind, Yuki decided to join the Amesterian military so that she would become more discipline so that she wouldn’t lose herself in her emotions ever again.

Normally they wouldn’t take someone as young as her, being only 16, but she extremely proficient in a type of alchemy that nobdy else in the military was, and so she was considered a good weapon. Also, being from Xing, she would be able to act as Ambassador between the two countries as she was intelligent and a good speaker.

Rp Sample: Can I just say you know how I RP?
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Koori   Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:54 am

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Yuki Koori
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