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Shinji Asakura

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PostSubject: Shinji    Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:14 pm


Name:Shinji Nuuben (


Age:16 but looks 18



Personality:Shinji was the sort of unenthusiastic kid who liked to watch clouds. He preferred not to get involved in troublesome activities, pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. He is fully aware of this side of his personality. However, when duty calls, Shinji has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment to his comrades. Even though, by his own testimony, he lacks bravery, he will sacrifice himself and face almost certain death for the sake of his friends or villagers without a second thought.


Element Affinity:Fire

Secondary Elements:Fire, Earth, Metal

Signature Weapon:Gun

Homunculi Abilities:N/A (


History:Shinji was born into a family with only one sister and his father.Shinji would get lost all the time even though his sense of direction was very good,His older sister would be the one who found him always.When Shinji was 5 his parents where killed by a Humucules in front of him.Shinji tried to stop them but he was only a little boy and wasn't that strong.Shinji was then made to stay with his sister.Shinji trained every single day become stronger so that he would be able to protect anybody that he loved.Shinji got out the Militery academy and quickly made his way up to Corpral.Shinji trained for weeks and weeks for the exams for Captian.Shinji ha to fight in a tournent and had to be in the top three to make it to Captian.Shinji had finish the tournement in second place.Shinji then took many exams an test and finnaly became a General in the end
(Tell us YOUR story)

Spoiler: It was the day after he had graduated. He was finally a Genin, but still had a lot to learn. He made his way back to his home during the day to tell his parents. His house was empty with a small note. We will be back tonight. That is all there was to the note. No explanation, no time, no real anything. He sighed and made his way to his room. His thoughts flowed to the whereabouts of his sisters, but quickly vanished. He was tired and now was the only time he could rest.The sun finally went down when he woke; the wind blew gently outside his window. He stretched a bit before rising out of his bed. He moved back into the main room of his home. Still his parents hadn’t returned. A quick look of worry crossed his face, but quickly vanished. ‘They will be back.’ The thought crossed his mind quickly as he got a drink of water.He drank slowly, while staring out at the village. The calm wind made everything seem peaceful and calm. It was like the village wasn’t active at night, like all the weapons were locked away in their homes. At least that was what he thought. The sound made him jump as he heard a bang outside his door. ‘What the….’ His thoughts raced as his right hand made its way to in front of his nose, his mind and chakra already setting for an attack. A quick movement outside the window made his hand drop. It was his father and he was hurt…badly.Fear shot through his face as he made his way to the door. “Son.” The words were weak and hardly audible over the wind. Kazuki made his way quickly to his father’s side and studied the wounds. His father was bleeding to death right in front of him. His hands shot to the wounds and slowly he tried to heal them. After about 5 minutes he thought he was done. His eyes scanned the wounds again and the blood was still coming. What had he done wrong? Why wasn’t the blood stopping? Again he tried and again the wounds did not stop.He was about to try again, but a hand stopped him. “You didn’t pay attention did you?” Kazuki’s eyes shot to his fathers and the image was burned. His father’s face was filled with disappointment, resentment, and the one that hurt the most…hatred. There was full out hatred for his son who now was going to let him die because of his ignorance. Because he didn’t study hard enough, didn’t learn enough and for that it was his father’s life. Failure was what Marid was now at this point. A complete and total failure to his family’s name.His father’s grip tightened and he pushed Kazuki away. “Go! Before it comes.” Rein’s eyes went wide as the hatred was now visible by the light of his home. There was hatred and pain in his father’s eyes. Anger flushed through Kazuki’s body. At himself and the thing who had done this. He ran to his father’s side and wrapped his arms around him. “Father I am sorry.” He whispered tears flowing from his eyes.A sound in the bushes made his father jump. “ go!” His eyes scanned the darkness as he tried to sit up. Kazuki’s arms wrapped tighter around his father. “No father you can’t die. I won’t let you.” The tears began to flow harder as he squeezed his father. “No dad!” His face was grabbed by two weak hands and he was face to face with his father. “Tears are not for ninja. You should know this by now, so why do you cry? You are a failure to me Kazuki. It’s a shame I have to die in such a presence.” Those were the last words his father would ever speak. A sharp beam of chakra came and hit him dead in the throat. His hands dropped and his eyes went blank. His body dropped to the ground with a soft thud. That was the end of his father.
Kazuki’s eyes widened at the words that had been spoken. His father had just told him he was a failure, not to himself, but to his whole family. The blood from his father’s throat splattered on his face. Anger now replaced the sadness that was inside of him. Anger, hatred, regret, pain, disgrace, contempt, and failure all rushed through his body at once. All those emotions shot at his thoughts. They screamed in his mind almost taunting him.The owner of this chakra stepped out of the darkness and laughed. “Well I finally got him.” The joy in the voice made Kazuki’s stomach sick. “And what do I have here? A child ninja crying over his father.” The laughter was sick and twisted as a crane with four tails made his way over to Kazuki. “Are you sad little one?” A sharp pain crossed through Kazuki’s stomach as the words were spoken. “I asked you a question child.” More pain shot across Kazuki’s body. “Come on let’s have fun with this one.” "I'm taking that his man I kill is your father." The tailed craned laughed one more time at the hopeless Kazuki.Five minutes. Five minutes of pure pain and torture. Five minutes of blows that should have knocked him out. Five minutes of pure hell. The four tails laughed and kept making sneering comment. “Still awake huh? Well maybe I should take you out like your father then.” It laughed again as only two tails were drawn. “Should I kill you fast or slow huh?” More laughter left it's throat as it joked about how to kill the child.Kazuki’s body ached. Everything about him hurt. There was nothing left for him. He had lost his father. He had shamed his family. There was nothing left for any ninja after that. ‘At least I can die with honor.’ This thought crossed his mind as he watched the four tails. His eyes glanced over to where his father laid dead, his blood soaking into the sand. Kazuki’s anger returned as he scanned his father’s corpse. His hatred grew within him. His hands moved and he pushed himself up weakly, his eyes staring at his feet, tears flowing from his eyes. “I will kill you.” His words were soft, but loud enough for the bijuu to hear.The four tails bijuu looked at him and laughed loudly. “Oh did I hear that correctly? You're is going to kill me.” The third and fourt tail stood up with the first two. “Oh no I must retreat.” Again it laughed in greif looking at Kazuki. “Ok you little s***. Its time for you to die.” It viciously charged Kazuki. The chakra of the bijuu aimed for his throat.Kazuki’s head slowly raised and his hand was already set. “BURN IN HELL!” The rage left his body and the four talis stopped instantly. Kazuki’s chakra flowed uncontrollably out of his body. The four tails looked in a daze. It's faces twisted in pain and blood began to flow from it's mouths.
This technique was like no other. One that even Kazuki couldn’t explain. It was genjutsu mixed with medical ninjutsu and ninjutsu alike. His chakra seemed to shoot out at his opponent while it was in a dazed trance. It spread through it's body like a sick virus destroying everything it touched. The pain was excruciating both to him and the bijuu. His chakra flowed around every cell of their body. Unlike healing jutsu this jutsu destroyed everything. It took the structure of the cell and imploded it. Simply just making the body collapse within itself.Two minutes. Two minutes passed and the four tails was dead. Kazuki’s body gave out and he fell to the ground. The wind picked up, as he lay there completely drained of chakra. ‘Father I did it.’ The thought crossed his mind before he blacked out. A ninja from his village happened to be passing by. He saw the young boy and the two corpses. He moved quickly to the boy and took him inside his home and laid him down on his bed. He left quickly and silently and went to report what he saw to the Hokage.Two Days Later.The sun splashed across the window onto Kazuki’s face. This startled him and he shot up looking around. His mind quickly went over what had just happened the night before. Or he thought it was the night before. He went to jump out of bed, but was held down by the sharp pain that had shot through his body. He flinched in pain then moved again with more caution.The village was buzzing and people filled the streets. The two corpses had already been moved from where they were.Kazuki looked and shook his head. Was it a dream? Had he dreamed all of this had happened? The sharp pain that shot through his body told him other wise. He turned and then saw the note in the same place it had been. That’s when he knew it wasn’t a dream. The Note Read Dear, Kazuki this is your Kage speaking. If you reading this letter then it means that I didn't make it. If your not clear of what I'm talking about I performed a jutsu upon you to seal the 4 tailed within you. I can only hope that you use this 4 tailed power to bring peace and tranquility to this world. As your Kage this is my wish. Please do this for me Rein for everyone in village and the shinobi world is depending on you. Please, I repeat. Please do not fail me as my future successor. I believe in you. He went and got ready slowly trying not to injure himself anymore. His first plan was to go to the health facility and get fixed up. A sigh left his throat as he made it out into the busy streets. Quickly he made it to the facility and was treated. Everything for him was back to normal. A smile crossed his face as he made his way back home. Would he report what had happened? He knew he should, but what was the point. There was no evidence that anythingever been there. The only thing he had that he could remember clearly was his father’s face. The look of shame that his father wore before he died.Another thought crossed his mind as well. The look of the bijuu's face just before it died. This thought shot through his mind and was just as clear as his father’s face. His mind raced around trying to figure out the jutsu he had used. It had to be powerful to knock him out for two days. After about ten minutes of thinking about it, he finally just gave up. Whatever he had done he would learn how to do it again sooner or later. He nodded and then got a drink of water.As he drank it his father’s face crossed his mind again. Pain shot through his body as he remembered the look exactly. He knew that it was his fault his father died. It was his fault for not paying attention and becoming as strong as he could be. Shame shot through him, but he ignored it. He knew what he had to do now. He had to earn his honor back by becoming the best. That meant he had a lot of training to do. With that a smile crossed his face. He had to train his butt off before his Jounin was chosen. Only then could he prove to his father he was worth his time. He finished his water and nodded his head. And so his goal was set, his promise, his only destination, to be the best. With that he headed off toward the gate to train and begin his long journey.

(Show us how you rp)
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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Re: Shinji    Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:21 pm

Approved, roflmao
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